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New positions in our product range: Steel Sheet Art. 09G2S 2 mm
Riffled sheet 10mm
Galvanized steel sheet 2.5 mm
Galvanized steel sheet 1.2 mm
Galvanized wire 1.8 mm
Galvanized wire 2 mm
Galvanized wire 2.5 mm
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Металлобаза. Металлоторг. СаратовThe Saratov branch of AO "Metallotorg" began its activities in August 1999. Shipment was made initially in the industrial zone of the city of Engels from the rented warehouse. The office and warehouse were removed from each other, which brought some inconvenience to our customers. Therefore, in the spring of 2005. in the industrial area of Saratov, we began to build our own warehouse, to work on the arrangement of the office. Now the Saratov branch is located along the old road to the village of Dubki and has convenient access both from the Volsky Route and from the bypass road to the new bridge across the Volga. Nearby are the organizations of AO SaratovGazAvtoservis and AO UPTK-1 Energomashkomplekt. The office is located on the same territory with a warehouse, which allows the buyer to pay the bill and get the metal to Saratov immediately, to process documents immediately after loading, convenient metal retailing for individuals.

The purpose of our organization: to provide with rolled-stock construction and metal processing enterprises. A wide range of rolled-stock in our warehouses and the Saratov branch allows it to be used in many industries, in the construction of buildings and structures, in the machine-, car-car, instrument-making industry, in the erection of bridges, in interior decoration, in agriculture, energy, for installation of supports and floors, floor reinforcement, screed, plastering, road construction and much more.

Metal warehouse in Saratov is an open area with a gantry crane, a covered warehouse with a crane-beam, a railway line for receiving-loading cars. Indoor warehouse is primarily intended for the storage of cold-rolled and galvanized sheet, fast metal corrosion, thereby increasing its safety and service life. At the moment, the covered area stores: cold-rolled sheets, hot-rolled thin sheets, galvanized sheets, small pipes up to 6m, some round bars and hexagonal bars. On the covered site, the rebars are also unwound from coils into rods and the metal is cut by a band saw, cutting machine and guillotine.

At the moment, a range of services is being provided, which is constantly expanding:

1. Sale of rolled-stock in Saratov wholesale and retail from 1 sheet or 1 bar

2. Metal cutting Saratov in size:

- oxy-fuel cutting

- by cutting machine (electric-welded and water and gas pipes to 60 mm; a round bar in diameter not more than 68 mm; an angle bar with a size not more than 70 mm; a channel with a size up to 10 mm)

- by band saw machine (round bars)

- cutting with guillotine (steel sheets in size: square bars, rectangle bars, strip)

3. Sale of rolled stock in Saratov in parts:

- a round bar with a diameter of 80 - 250 mm (a part of the round bar is sold for at least 0.5 m, while we must have at least 2 meters of the bar left)

- a sheet with a thickness of 16 mm (at least 1 meter, the length of the remaining cut should be at least 3 meters)

4. straightening of rebar from coils to rods 6m each (other sizes are possible in agreement with the client)

5. Delivery by road and rail in the Saratov region, providing metal to the Volga region, Saratov, as well as to the regions of the Russian Federation

6. Transfer of metal from other branches in Russia to the Saratov warehouse for sale in Saratov

7. Order picking

8. Packing a sheet of tape

9. Extraordinary arrival at the warehouse - when the exact time of arrival of the client is known

At Saratov branch warehouse constantly supported a range of metal:

1. The Saratov rebar is smooth (A1 steel grade) and corrugated (A3 steel grade) of grades A500 and st35GS with a diameter of 6 to 40 mm, rebar At800 from 10 to 16 mm, wire rod 6.6 mm and 8 mm

2. Normal I-beam (H-beam) 10B1-35B1. Other sizes of normal beams, as well as wide-flanged and column we will bring in a short time from the neighboring branches.

3. steel round bar 20, steel 3, 35, 45, 09G2S, 40X from 12 to 270 mm

4. Annealed Wire 1.2 mm in coils

5. steel angle bar leg size from 25mm to 140mm

6. Channel dimensions 6.5 - 30 mm

7. Hexagonal bar of St 20, St 35, St 45 sizes from 12 mm to 65 mm

8. Saratov sheet metal:

- galvanized sheet 0, 55 - 3.0 mm,

- a sheet with a lentil corrugation with a thickness of 3.0 - 5.0 mm, with a diamond-shaped sheet - from other warehouses

- cold-rolled sheet steel grades 08kp, 08ps, 08yu (thickness 0.5 - 3.0 mm),

- hot-rolled sheet steel grades st20, st3, 09G2S thickness from 2.0 mm to 50 mm,

- Expanded Steel Sheet of the following steel grades: 406, 408, 506, 508, 510, 608

9. Square bar size of 10 - 50 mm

10. The pipe profile size from 15mm x 15mm to 180mm x 180mm

11. Round water and gas pipe from 15 mm in diameter to 50 mm and electric-welded pipe from 57th size to 133

12. Strip width 20 - 60 mm

Metal products in Saratov are certified with quality certificates and meet the following quality standards:

1. Buy rebars in Saratov, corresponding to the following standards: GOST 5781-82, GOST R 52544-2006, STO ASChM 7-93, TU 14-1-5254-2006

2. I-beam - STO ASChM 20-93, GOST 8239-89

3. round bar - GOST 2590, TU14-1-2118-98

4. Wire - GOST 3282, GOST 6727

5. angle bar - GOST 8509-93

6. Channel hot-rolled - GOST 8240-89, channel curved GOST 8278-83. Roll-formed channel of any size can offer our own production under the order, certain sizes are ready in the neighboring warehouses.

7. Hexagonal bar - GOST 2879-88, GOST 8560-75

8. Sheet:

- galvanized - GOST 14918-80,

- expanded metal sheet- GOST 14637-89,

- corrugated - GOST 8568-77,

- cold-rolled sheet - GOST 19904-90 (cold-rolled sheets for general use - GOST 16523-97, for cold forming - GOST 9045-93)

- hot-rolled —GOST 19903-90 (thin-sheet - GOST 16523-89, high-strength plate steels - GOST 19281-89, thick-carbon plate of ordinary quality - GOST 14637-89, high-grade steel grades - GOST 1577-93

9. Square bar- GOST 2591-88

10. Profile pipe - GOST 30245-03, GOST 8639-82, TU-14-105-737-04

11. The pipe is round

- water and gas pipe - GOST 3262-75

- Electric-welded pipe - GOST 10704-91, 10705-80

- Electric-welded pipe according to the STO 99787933-09-11 and galvanized electric-welded pipe according to TU 14-101-535-2004, we can deliver seamless pipes according to GOST 8732-78 to order from other warehouses

12. Strip - GOST 103-76

The guarantor of the quality of our metal products, delivered to the warehouse of Saratov, is partnership with plants and factories: OAO West-Siberian Metallurgical Plant, OAO Metallurgical Plant named after A.K. Serov ", OAO Severstal, OAO Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant (NTMK), ZAO Trading House VMZ Krasny Oktyabr, OAO Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine (NLMK), OAO Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant (Mechel) OAO Oskolsky Electrometallurgical Plant (OEMK), ZAO Omutninsky Metallurgical Plant, OAO Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant, OAO Nizhneserginsky Hardware-Metallurgical Plant, OAO Cherepovets Metallurgical Plant, OAO Ural Steel, OAO Zaporozhsk Metallurgical Binat "(Zaporizhstal)," Orsk-Khalilovsky Metallurgical Plant "(NOSTA), AO" Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant "and others.

An office is located on the same site with a warehouse, which allows consumers of metal and steel pipes in Saratov to execute documents immediately after loading, as well as selling metal at retail, the price is reasonable.

Buy Rolled-stock in Saratov

The company AO Metallotorg is a single network that allows any manager of the organization to obtain an online price, complete and reliable information about the availability of metal, to organize shipping and delivery from any of our warehouse. You can buy metal from us in Saratov and other warehouses of branches, warehouses of the Moscow region or directly from the factory. Availability, range, metal warehouse of Saratov price list, for example, rebars Saratov price, prices of other branches you can look at the site. For more information on the metal Saratov price, prices in Saratov, specify prices for rolled-stock in Saratov per meter or bar, calculate the quantity, draw up an invoice and fill an application form, clarify payment options and request a certificate - contact the manager by calling him:

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